Saturday, November 7, 2009

Auchan- one store every two weeks

Auchan apparently opens a store every two weeks, according to a report I read recently. It did seem impressive until I did the math.Well that is just 26 stores a year. I remember in 2005, when Lowe's was on a store expansion spree, it used to open a store every 3 days!

Auchan is world's 14th largest retailer with 1,200 supermarkets in 12 countries. Compare with Walmart which has 8000 stores under 55 banners in 15 countries. Auchan's sales is $59b.Auchan part of the retail empire controlled by the Mulliez family. Based in France they compete with Carrefour in its home turf.

P.S. I used to do sourcing from India at one time for one of Auchan Groupe's companies - Lerou Merlin- a home improvement chain like Lowe's but with a much greater focus on home decor

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